Stefanie Gebke

Customer Success Executive w Zend Technologies GmbH



Stefanie studiowała informatykę w niemieckim Dortmund. Przez ponad 9 lat pracowała w IBM jako konsultant, sales manager oraz business unit manager. Od 2007 Stefanie pracuje w Zend Technologies.

  • IT Sales 95%
  • Zend Server 90%
  • Development Processes 80%
  • DevOps Processes 80%

Temat prelekcji: „See insight your web application with Z-Ray while you develop it!

Zend Server Z-Ray is a new technology that provides developers with real insight into their PHP code, allowing them to inspect, debug and optimize their pages, resulting in fast and stable applications. Z-Ray monitors requests made to the Web server, and displays live and detailed information in a Web page component in your browser. This information includes: PHP functions, SQL queries, request variables, errors and warnings, server events, memory use, performance metrics, and more.